Volcano Erta Ale - Dangerous and Attractive at the Same Time

In the north-east of the country Ethiopia, in the hot Afar Region there is a famous volcano with the splashing red-hot lake in its crater, where viscous lava boils instead of the water. Such volcanoes in the world are only five. And Erta Ale "distinguished" itself with two of such boiling lakes.

With a bird’s eye view a boiling lake looks very nice. Fiery red-orange stripes, which are constantly changing are visible on its surface. Sometimes the lava fills the bowl of fire-lake and flows out with powerful streams.

In 2007, the flow of lava has formed a new pattern. February 2010 was the starting point when the level of lava began to grow rapidly. In November of the same year, the fiery drops with explosions rose into the air at height of 30 meters.

One of the unique wonders of nature attracts adventurers who are not afraid of high temperatures and the risk to life. Researchers began to thoroughly study the lava lake in 1971. The gases which come to the surface were heated to 1220 °C. The power of thermal radiation reached up to 30 kW per 1 sq. meter. The molten mass temperature was incredible: about + 600 ° C on the surface of the volcanic crust, and at a depth of 60-70 cm reached to + 900C! Mysterious and scorched by the hot sun Ethiopia conceals many surprises.