Something You Might Do not Know About Kate Beckinsale

Beckinsale great-grandfather was a native of Burma, and Kate says that as a child she had a "very Asian appearance". Beckinsale’s stepfather, who came from a working-class family, thought it was pretty funny to hear the curses of the smart girl and he encouraged her for that. Colleagues from "Pearl Harbor" joked: "She's one of the most "dirty" mouths, but eventually you get used to it".

It is interesting that the Americans couldn’t forgive the director Michael Bay that he invited not native of America in the patriotic film. But critics agreed that the talent and charm of this English actress saved the situation.

The actress can’t really drive the car. Moreover, Kate is constantly pursued by visions of how she collides with something in a moving car. The actress decided that the only way to get rid of these visions would be to receive driver's license.

Kate Beckinsale has developed her general rule in communication with pushy reporters: she simply ignores them.

Kate admitted that her main stylist is her daughter Lily. Each of her look goes through thorough examination of the girl. Little fashionista chooses dresses and hairstyle, and critics the outfits that are recommend by famous stylists.

From all sports Beckinsale prefers daily morning jog. In any weather, she runs at least 2 km.

To get the role of Ava Gardner, in the film of Michael Scorsese "The Aviator", she had to gain about 7 kg. For Kate it was a pleasant surprise – before, everyone was talking about her need to lose weight.

The company «Coca-Cola» signed a contract with Kate to advertise their line of diet beverage.

The film “Nothing But the Truth” is based on real events that took place in late 2005 with an American journalist of The New York Times, Judith Miller, implicated in the scandal about the leak of information from the White House.

She constantly appears in the rating of the most beautiful actresses. In 2009 Esquire magazine considered her the sexiest woman.