Shaun the Sheep Movie

Day after day Shaun the sheep and his fellow herd wake up in the same time with the same cock a doodle doo and go to the same fold. Day after day the dog Bitzer helps its owner to look after the flock. Day after day the farm owner lives with the same schedule. But once, Shaun decides to arrange a day off for himself and his friends. Having developed a cunning plan to address the threats of dog and owner, Shaun could not imagine where this idea leads. And now the owner is not on the farm but in the city. Moreover, he has amnesia - he did not remember how he got there, and who he is at all. Shaun decides to return the owner to his native land. But first Shaun needs to go to the big town to find the owner and not get caught by a cruel animal trapper Trumper. The plan is complicated by the fact that Shaun is followed by all of his friends. And eight sheep in the midst of the modern metropolis - the phenomenon is not routine.