Sagano Bamboo Forest in Japan

Among attractions in Japan Sagano bamboo grove stands out with its fragility, tenderness, and bright green mood that plantation gives to all the tourists who visit. The beautiful alley of great size is fascinating. Looking at the slender ranks of trees, it is hard to believe that the bamboo is a grass, not a tree.

Like the soldiers stand strict rows of bamboo. The kingdom of beauty, a wonderful piece of nature, a fantastic area of ​​Japan – are the names which locals give to this unusual place.

Another name for the bamboo thickets is Ringing Grove. Silence is replaced with the music of the wind, which is reflected with a quiet sound in hollow trunks. The Japanese believe that the ringing sounds of a bamboo grove protect the surrounding area from witches and evil spirits. Walking through a bamboo grove Sagano will give you a good mood, cleanse the soul from evil thinking and allow you to be alone with your thoughts among the waving green bamboo.

The Japanese government has put this wonderful place in the list of the most important and protected wonders of Japan. Unique grove covers an area of ​​16 square kilometers, with walking paths in the territory. The growth speed is very high, in a month the trunk can reach 20m height and 20cm in diameter. Record holders rise to the sun at 40m with the diameter of 35cm.