Remains of the Great Empire – The Colosseum

The Colosseum is a legacy that is left behind the Roman Empire. But no matter how ruthless and bloody it may be, it is still the history of mankind, which can’t be refused. It can only be accepted and remembered, however the events of those days should never repeat.

The Coliseum is the most popular tourist attraction not only in Rome but throughout Italy. This magnificent structure even now brings thrill to visitors due to its size and spirit, which is preserved in the walls after hundreds of years.

In ancient times it could hold about fifty thousand spectators. Even to this day, not every sports facility can boast with such capacity. Also, another feature of the Flavian Amphitheatre is its ellipsoidal form of construction - it can be noticed from in the panoramic view from above. Until now, the stadiums in the world are constructed the same as the arena for gladiator fights.

The most popular types of games there were fights between gladiators and also gladiators with predatory animals. Gladiators usually were the captives of the war, and they had no rights in Rome. But the Colosseum was not only a place for the bloody spectacle. During the performances there met many Roman citizens of different social strata and regulations, so that the amphitheater can be called, to some extent, a meeting place for ordinary people with the aristocracy of the time, people had even the right to talk to Emperor about the most important issues.