Picturesque Marqueyssac Gardens on the Cliff

Counselor to King Louis XIV named Bertrand Vernet de Marqueyssac back in the 17th century built a huge castle in the Aquitaine region in southwest France. Around the castle they grew ordinary garden in classical style, which did not stand out among the rest.

In the late 19th century, the castle has got a new owner - Julien de Serval, who served in Italy and was delighted with beautiful gardens there. He hit on the idea: to create the best Italian-style garden in France.

Work has been done serious: 150 thousand evergreen boxwoods - slow-growing ornamental trees, with a solid wood, were planted in the area. Pines and tall cypress trees were brought from sunny Italy to create shady areas. Oaks, maples, junipers, strawberry trees, stone pines and other trees settled on. Julien de Serval spent 30 years of the creation of his garden.

Experienced gardeners biannual trimmed boxwood maintaining their shape, and it is so diverse that you can only adore the skills of these artists-gardeners. In the park there are round, square, diamond-shaped, pyramidal, oval, trimmed evergreen shrubs in the form of many figures. Currently, four talented master gardeners care about the unique appearance of this amazing garden.