Olivia Wilde - Gorgeous Woman with an Interesting Life

Olivia Wilde gained the peak of her popularity through the character Dr. Remy Hadley in the TV series "House" which was christened as "Thirteen", because of the serial number which she had among other candidates who would like to work together with House in his team. But for sure you know about this fact.

Most of us are very fond of the actress, and here we would like to reveal some of the facts that you might not know about this very beautiful and charming woman.

You used to see a young brunette woman; however her natural color is blond.

Apart from her beauty, she has the gift of a wonderful actor. She was filmed in the movies since she was a little girl. And when grown into a gorgeous woman, hone her skills so well that managed to play in the theater performance called «Beauty on the Vine» as many as three different characters.

As a child, Olivia was a very difficult teenager. In 14 years, once again quarreled with her parents, the future actress packed up and escaped from home. She was found in another city among street musicians, who accepted the young lady. After this incident, Olivia was sent to boarding school.

In 2009, the magazine MAXIM announced Olivia the sexiest woman in the world. But this is not the first time when she glimpsed in the ranking of the magazine. In 2005 she was 61st, and in 2008 – 97th. In 2012 she took the 5th place.

Olivia Wilde is certainly a very interesting character; it is worth noting the fact that her style is by far one of the most imitated. Olivia Wilde looks elegant both in dresses and pants, and the harmony with which she chooses clothes attract attention not only men, but also a lot of girls.