Old but Resistant Leaning Tower of Pisa

Leaning Tower of Pisa belongs to one of the main attractions not only in Italy, but in the world. It would seem that there are many towers in the world, but Pisa is unique and attracts great attention of tourists from all corners of the Earth. Especially tourists like to be photographed against the tower, but many are interested not only in the opportunity to make creative photos but in the chance to learn more about the unique structure of its kind.

It is actually is a bell tower of the Cathedral, but most tourists are interested only in the tower and forget that the Cathedral is just a few meters away, and this is fundamentally wrong.

In the XII century, the foundation for a whole range of facilities was laid: Baptistery, Cathedral and The Bell Tower. Initially, the foundation was laid incorrectly and its construction was resumed only after a century. It was believed that the tower leaned not accidentally. In such a way the architects wanted to show their skills, but then it was proved that since the foundation was originally wrong, the architects changed the project specifically. But even though the overall look of the Tower of Pisa is leaned, its bell is built straight relative to ground.

Leaning Tower consists of eight levels, six of them have columns. Due to the instability of the building, administration of Pisa regularly works to strengthen the building and its foundation of the tower.

A famous native of Pisa Galileo Galilei held his experiments on the dependence of the velocity of falling bodies of their weight, standing at the top of the Leaning Tower.