Natalie Portman - Successful Appearance is a Huge Advantage

In Hollywood, among directors, producers and movie stars, Natalie is nicknamed as "the new Audrey."

External similarity of Portman and legendary beauty Hepburn is impressive, but it is only a small part of what unites these stars of past and present. Their style of acting, innate elegance and attitude to life are almost identical. Like Audrey, Natalie wants to go down in history not only as an actress but also as a mother and philanthropist. To do this, she plans to leave the cinema before her fellow celebrities, because due to a busy work schedule, she can’t feel like full-fledged personality and achieve other goals than "Oscar" and love of the fans. Cinema - that's fine, but the other facets of the individual self need to be expressed as well, and the sooner the better - believes Natalie.