Monica Bellucci refused the title of Bond Girl

The actress doesn’t agree with the title Bond Girl. Brilliant Monica Bellucci has once again proved that age is not the obstacle for the real beauty and femininity. 50-year-old actress, as you may know, has played a lady of the heart of the famous James Bond in the new film "007: Spectrum". But the title of Bond Girl is not for her.

Actress said: "I can’t call myself a Bond Girl, because I'm too mature for that. I would rather call myself Bond Lady or Woman. Men tend to think that if a woman is no longer able to give birth to children, she is already old, but it is not so. Even aged women are still beautiful. I think that's why Sam Mendes (director of the new Bond movie) invited me”. Bellucci is very proud that she had to play the legendary spy lover, because 007 agent is an amazing person.

In the 24th film, Bond in the face of Daniel Craig received a coded message from the past from an unknown source, which takes him to a sinister terrorist organization "Spectrum". James Bond will have to get through the layers of lies to the horrible truth, hidden by new enemy in order to protect what is dear to him.

Actually there are two women in the movie and each of them has something mysterious and deep, so the director needed fantastic actresses. He thought that Monica Bellucci is ideal with her image and age, in addition, she is very seductive in life and on screen.

Monica describes her heroine as "Italian widow with own secrets". The husband of fatal beauty, mafia member, was killed, and now she runs the risk of repeating his fate. Bellucci said: "James Bond entered the history of cinema, and I have great respect for all the Bond girls. They are all incredible actress, especially Lea. She is beautiful and talented - a real Bond girl".