Michael Douglas Shared the Secret of Marriage Salvation with Catherine Zeta-Jones

Michael Douglas rarely appears in television studios, but recently 70-year-old Oscar winner was the guest of the day at Ellen DeGeneres Show and made a statement that everyone was waiting for: Douglas first told of how he and his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones were able to save their marriage.

"If both of you are willing to work on your relationship, you know what to do. Anyone can be in a stalemate, but I'm really crazy about my wife. It was a little harder to overcome the difficulties for us because we are public people, and especially in hard times too much of unwanted attention was focused on us. But in the end we are together, and our love is stronger than ever"- shared the actor.

In May 2013 the couple announced that they decided to put their relationship on pause. Recent years were very hard for the couple: Michael struggled with throat cancer, his eldest son Cameron was in prison because of drug trafficking, Catherine was treated in a rehabilitation clinic from bipolar disorder ... All these events left a mark in their family, and eventually Douglas and Zeta -Jones realized that it is better to live separately from each other. But six months later, to the great delight of fans, they were noticed together again. And finally, the actor made an official statement: “Catherine and I have managed to overcome all the difficulties.”