Magnificent Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan

Park Hitachi fascinates everyone: the local people, travelers who have seen a lot, and lovers of beauty, who come from everywhere in this marvelous place. In Japanese translation the park name means "dawn". The pure feelings embrace those who come to the area, covered with a bright and delicate floral carpet.

The territory of the park is occupied by a variety of flowers of many species and forms. Fragrant flowers grow not on the flower beds, but on the huge fields. It seems that a colorful sea surrounds everything around. Gardeners select the plants in such a way that throughout the year the park is beautiful. Flower Paradise is always very beautiful and picturesque.

"Harmony of nemophila" is a popular festival, which is dedicated to this blue tender flower. Hills covered with these delicate pale turquoise waves are amazingly blended with the sky. In spring, in Hitachi is the festival of Sakura. Thousands of trees with delicate aroma can melt even the coldest heart. The branches are decorated with paper lanterns, symbolizing the coming of spring, peace and tranquility.

Guests of the park, who came in autumn, can’t understand what they see. Fluffy soft balls of orange, chartreuse, and red color cover vast areas. These strange balls are kochia bushes that create an alien landscape.