Lush and Bright Garden Kawachi Fuji

Garden Kawachi Fuji impresses with its wonderful scenery, bright delicate flowers and the magic of the wonderful colors. This paradise is located next to Tokyo, noisy metropolis crowded with inhabitants. The fabulous area is found in the town Kitakyushu.

A few hours of drive will take you to a wonderful, unusual, surprising and magical place - beautiful garden of flowers. And it is not like any other garden. Traditional gardens in the world have flowerbeds, alleys and lawns on their territory.

Here the incredible beauty of the place impresses and delights the guests with Wisteria tunnel, in which all the arches are covered with these beautiful plants.

Wisteria is an amazing flower that forms vines up to 15 meters. Refined and delicate, this beautiful flower has many shades. From the walls of the arches and the invisible ceilings, due to the dense floral carpet, hang bunches of magic flowers emitting a sweet odour. Blue, pink, purple, white, pale and red wisterias form shady tunnels.

These tunnels make you feel peaceful and tranquil, escaping from the bustle of the city and highways. Once you got inside the fragrant park, you feel yourself in the role of the researcher in still unknown fairy kingdom.