Life Rules from Gwyneth Paltrow

As a child I hated my name, it seemed very arrogant. I never wanted to be a celebrity; all I wanted is to be an actress.

I never played in the school theater. Parents did not allow me to play until I graduated from college.

To reach the peak of own career at 26 years old - that's what really scary.

Life is too short and priceless. So get inspired with anything that gives you even a drop of inspiration.

Something surely is not right with you, if you say to yourself: "That's what I do for money, and this - for the sake of pleasure".

The simpler your life is, the more happiness you get from it.

The death of a loved one can change you more than all the other things in the world put together.

My life can be summed up in three events: the death of father, acquaintance with future husband and the birth of a first child.

As long as you do not have children, you look at these actresses who have children and think: "My God, they probably don’t see own kids for weeks. They do not even know whether their children go to school.” And then you give birth to own children and realize that this is certainly not the case. Children will never let you stray too far.

I'd rather die than let my children eat soup from a pack.

I have no more habits, which I must get rid of.

I hate haters. Some people write terrible things about me in their blogs. They really hurt me, and to be honest, I can’t understand why people hate me so much, my aspirations and what I'm doing. After all, I'm a good person, and I want the world around to be good as well.

I'm not the one to climb over the fence. I'd rather look for the gate.

I always say what I think and once said I never refuse my words.

Once I was very trusting. And then I realized that trust is not able to take you far.

I love men. Even despite the fact that most of them are false, lying assholes.

Once I was at the ceremony, "Oscar". Everyone asked me: "Where is your husband? Something went wrong?" And I told them: "Why would I take my husband everywhere with me?"

Beauty - it's when you're comfortable in your body, or just lipstick of red color.


I'm damn good at what I do. I am the one who I am. I see no need to pretend to be someone who earns 25 thousand dollars a year.


You must remember that the things which bring you a lot of money, sooner or later can betray you.


I have a highly developed sense of self-denial.


I never understood the actors who wanted to become rock stars. However, on the contrary, it is strange too.


I like the English way of life - it is not so imbued with the ideas of capitalism, as an American. People here do not talk about work and money - people are talking about different interesting things.


Europe is very different from the United States. First, Europe has a history, and secondly, the houses are much older.


Sometimes I feel as if someone is connected to my kidney.


My Jewish half is very superstitious. I think I know my rights. I'm not sure that I need to say something at all.