Kingdom of Snow Monkeys in Japan

Monkey Park Jigokudani is located near Yamanouchi. The place is also called a "Valley of hell". The streams of boiling water splash through the cracks in the frozen soil. Cold gloomy forests and jagged cliffs loom over the valley. And among this inhospitable landscape live famous snow monkeys.

The wild Japanese macaques that were brought to the park, quickly adapted to the extreme conditions of life. In cold weather, they descend into the valley, to the hot springs, to bask in the water. This species of primates is considered the most cold-resistant in the vast Earth.

Looking at the monkeys sitting in the water, inadvertently feels sorry for them, snow falls on their heads and they look completely defenseless. But things can’t be all that bad, clever park inhabitants have adapted to endure cold winters without problems.

While some individuals bask in the warm water, the other whose hair is dry, bring them food. Through time, the roles are reversed, so they are warmed and well-fed.

Funny monkeys look very pretty. Their fur is gray-brown, and skin on the hands, face and back is red. The head is covered with harsh sticking hair which gives the primates a bit comical appearance.

Despite the peaceful nature of the monkeys, it is forbidden to touch them and look them in the eyes. Animals perceive it as a challenge and a danger signal. Snow macaques are listed as endangered. Monkey Park in Japan allows to save the population of these funny animals, which delight tourists with their behavior.