Justin Theroux Talks about Marriage with Jennifer Aniston

In an interview with one of the publications Justin Theroux (American actor, director, and screenwriter) could not hold at bay and shared with reporters what he feels after the marriage to Jennifer Aniston.

The wedding of Jennifer and Justin can rightly be called one of the biggest in 2015, because no one knew about this event in their life, and it became a real sensation. Jen and Justin have done everything possible not to reveal the secret of their celebration; that is why only close friends were invited.

It would seem, it has been a few month, the couple returned home after the honeymoon, but journalists still look for more details in newly married couple’s personal life. However, the famous publication People was lucky to receive information first-hand from Justin Theroux, who told about his feelings about the marriage with Jennifer Aniston.

"I am very happy! It is great to lower eyes and to see a wedding ring on the finger," - says the actor.