Jessica Biel Told the Truth about her Pregnancy

American actress Jessica Biel admits that was very afraid of what "is happening in her body" after she married Justin Timberlake. The actress told the American edition of Glamour that she had been taking birth control pills for a long time. Thus, she was not sure that she would be able to get pregnant, after she stops taking them.

However, in April of 2015, Jessica gave birth to a son, Silas Randall. But 33-year-old Mrs. Timberlake, mindful of her fears, is sure that many girls and women, regardless of age, do not really know what they're doing right in the field of sexuality, and what the consequences of their actions could be in the future motherhood.

So Jessica decided to help young women, and first of all teenagers, learn the mysteries and secrets of sexual science, and released the first series of video lectures. There she and experts share thoughts on how to know and love yourself and own body, and not be afraid or ashamed to ask timely important questions related primarily to the health.