Interesting Facts about Life and Career of Angelina Jolie

Talented actress, one of the most beautiful women of our millennium, spends millions to charity and tops the list of Forbes.

During her career, Jolie starred in over 40 films, counting those that her brother shot in childhood.

Jolie is among the hundred most influential people in the world by the magazine «Time».

The actress is one of the most tattooed women. Her body gets more are more tattoos: the old or those which have lost value, Jolie removes or covers with new.

The actress has a license to operate an aircraft. In the staff personnel Angelina has a pilot, but she can perfectly control the flight alone.

She is left-handed.

Angelina Jolie is working actively to provide humanitarian assistance around the world.

Jolie - is not a surname, this is a second name (from French it is translated as "beautiful"). Her name - Voight - inherited from her father, the famous actor Jon Voight. (By the way, her godparents are Jacqueline Bisset and Maximilian Schell).

Jolie and Pitt have three biological children and three adopted. Photos of their own children they sell to magazines for huge amounts of money (the first photo of the first daughter Shiloh was sold for 2.6 million pounds, the first photos of twins Vivienne and Knox - 14 million).

One of the most controversial Jolie’s acts - the decision to remove breast and ovary, because Jolie has enormous hereditary risk of cancer development.