Imperial Palace in Tokyo is a True Architectural Masterpiece

Imperial Palace located in Tokyo is a complex of palace buildings and structures, which are the most important and interesting historical and architectural attraction. It is noteworthy that the common man can’t get into the palace. Near the palace there are wonderful gardens, but for tourists they are closed as well. Guests have the opportunity to see only East Garden Higashi Guehenno. There is the imperial treasure trove, which carefully stores symbols of the imperial power of Japan.

Protective strengthening of the ancient castle that existed during the reign of the Edo period from 1603 to 1867 partially is preserved until our time. Protective circle consisted of two parts. The first - the main called Honmaru and the second Ninomaru. Tourists can explore the dilapidated walls, gatehouses, deep moats, and massive gates. In the past centuries, the castle served as the residence of a noble family of the Tokugawa rulers, as well as the Japanese Emperor Meiji.

Most of the buildings of the castle were similar to the structure of other defensive fortresses, but the tower, which was built in 1638, is recognized as the highest in the long history of Japan. Unfortunately, the fire in 1657 destroyed the unique tower.

The second circle of protection is situated at the foot of the castle hill with a beautiful garden in Japanese style. Severe forms, smooth and clean lines, a minimum of frills - are the main directions in the design of this garden. Reservoirs and arches, bridges, lawns, fountains and monuments of Shogun, trees and beautifully trimmed shrubs, flowering cherry branch, green grass carpets - everything is harmonious and majestic.