Ideal Balance in Jurassic World

In the cinematograph there are movies that are considered to be works of art, which ideas can influence the human world, make them think over the eternal themes, and even find answers to specific questions. And there are easier movies, which are poured with sauce of popcorn and Pepsi; they are released just to entertain the consumer. Nothing wrong with it if we get a good product that gives an alternative to the structurally complex works and allows you to relax and enjoy a cocktail of humor, action and the soundtrack.

"Jurassic World" from the outset impresses with its authenticity. From the first scene it is obvious that the movie wasn’t filmed for money, and it is not another attempt to use the recognition of the franchise. This is a film from sincere fans of "Jurassic Park". The movie is literally composed of atoms of the original. Everything, which was once loved in Spielberg's creation, is carefully preserved in its place here: the indescribable crazy adventurous spirit, charismatic protagonists, crazy tropical landscapes that conceal danger at every turn and, of course, the dinosaurs. The creators of "Jurassic World" again manage to awaken children in every viewer, and take them by the hand to the amusement park, the highlight of which are extinct dinosaurs.