Enigmatic Galapagos Archipelago in Ecuador

The beautiful island of turtles has long been shrouded in mystery, deterred and at the same time enticed travelers, pirates and explorers. Galapagos - the land of evolution and pirate stories, house for rare animals and a paradise for vacationers.

Galapagos are a dozen large and many small islands and rocks. Isolated land from the entire world preserved amazingly pure nature and a lot of unique animals. The atmosphere of islands is just incredible: the animals are not afraid of people: turtles, iguanas, colorful fish, pelicans, and seals are everywhere.

Santa Cruz Island is a home to local giants - turtles, the symbol of the archipelago. They are looked after, cared for, treated and then set free. The second attraction of the island is a noisy sea, high waves, white sands of Tortuga Bay, and a beach for surfers.

Kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, trips to the tiny uninhabited islands, yachting and boating - choose a few. Galapagos are animals, wildlife, and the adrenaline of outdoor activities.