Dynamic and Brutal, Dramatic and Ironic Furious 7

In all parts of the franchise "The Fast and Furious" the viewer could observe a curious phenomenon: with the increase of the serial number in the movie the scenes of fast driving itself are reduced. And while working on the seventh part, the creators finally admitted this fact, and removed the word “fast” from the original name. Thus, the director intended to make this part the most violent of all, and of course the “ship” sailed correspondingly. After all, at the end of the final scene of the sixth part, everyone wondered: who would turn to the side under the thread of head-on collision - Diesel or Statham?

But the seventh film is memorable not only by the fury. A huge number of action scenes, in which the laws of physics fail, are successfully diluted with seconds of humor. Moreover, the latter are often just based on the first (or rather, on their absence). The laws of logic are sacrificed to the laws of the genre as a whole, and the franchise in particular.