Could it be True that the Beauty of Demi Moore Fades?

The other day the paparazzi have caught Demi Moore on a walk in New York and, apparently, did not immediately recognize the actress. In addition to strange clothes they noticed bumpy skin and deep nasolabial lines. Could it be really Demi? After all, each of her show ups in public made people wonder: how she manages to look like twenty year old.

Here’s what beauty-treatments experts say: changes in the appearance of the actress are not connected to age-related changes, this is confirmed by Demi’s neck and décolletage that looks great. Most likely, Demi’s face underwent major rejuvenation procedure that breaks damage to skin. It could be chemical peeling or laser treatment. Such procedures provide a striking effect, improving the quality of the skin, tightening it, smoothing wrinkles, but after them a little rehabilitation is necessary. Swelling under the eyes, dryness, uneven "corrugated" relief of the skin, similar to the surface of a strawberry, says that only few days passed since the procedure was done. Most likely, rehabilitation and reconstruction in this case can last a couple of weeks, and after that - Demi Moore will appear with the same brilliant youth and beauty.