Charlize Theron – Strong, Sensual and in Peace with Herself

2015 for Charlize Theron is an eventful and intense year. She began to work for the new film The Last Face in Africa, directed by Sean Penn, and at the same time appeared two films with her participation - the thriller "Dark Places" and the post-apocalyptic thriller "Mad Max." Charlize says that the shooting of the film, which tells about the future, where the world is ruled by a disgusting tyrant, was at the limit of all the strengths - both physical and mental. "It definitely was the hardest work I've ever had to do - and I say this after 20 years in the movie business. It was so difficult because the character and role were very multi-faceted and complex." She had to spend eight months in Namibia, shooting days were very long. Charlize plays the role of Imperator Furiosa, for which she had to train a lot. "She is a warrior, but very mysterious - says Theron. - She lost her left hand, and no one knew how and under what circumstances. It is about a woman who struggles to change the situation around." Furiosa by Charlize Theron became such a bright heroine that the producers decided to dedicate the next part of the "Mad Max" to her.

Last year, the actress has continued her cooperation with the house of Dior, which has lasted for more than ten years, and starred in a new commercial for the perfume Dior J'adore. This mini-film was an experiment for her. Director Jean-Battista Mondino, who previously shot music videos for Madonna and Bjork, proposed Charlize Theron to be an acrobat. In the video, graceful actress first goes through the palace, then suddenly climbs up to the dome of the palace on a satin ribbon and gets onto the roof, demonstrating a perfect body and endlessly long legs. Her ballet past helped to make acrobatic tricks with grace and ease. She studied ballet in her native Johannesburg since the age of six, and finished when at 19 she was seriously injured. This video is evidence that Charlize Theron is never afraid to express herself in a new way and to do risky things.