Boiling Clouds of Steam and Sulfur Flows in Owakudani Valley

Owakudani Valley is a real natural wonder and unusual attraction in Japan. Boiling valley appeared in the caldera of volcano the eruption of which happened about 3000 years ago. Since that time this live valley daily effuses hot flushes, scalding steam, and sulfur emissions. "Hell on Earth" - so you can briefly describe the first impression of this gloomy valley. Everywhere you can smell sulfur, which completes a sinister picture.

Volcanic Valley Owakudani, despite its awesome landscape, is a popular place, which is visited by many guests of Japan. Over the boiling terrain is a modern cable car, from which tourists can see perfectly everything that happens at the bottom. The funicular takes them to unusual place. Sulfur processing plant is located on the slopes of the town Kami. In the valley there are Shinto shrines where many figures of gods are made of local volcanic lava.

Local attractions are the eggs that are cooked in the steam of boiling sulfur. Inside they stay white, but the shell becomes black. Residents of the area say that this method of cooking eggs allows acquiring useful properties. Guests of the valley can buy eggs, which are packed in bags. But they have to be eaten there so the boiling energy of the sources is not lost.